Store Cupboard Staples for Weaning: First Foods Focus

This article has been written for SR Nutrition by Kat Thomas, Nutrition and Dietetics Student at London Metropolitan University with support of Charlotte Stirling-Reed. At the beginning of the week I posted a fairly comprehensive “Store Cupboard Staples for Weaning” shopping list to try and make the first stages of weaning just that little bit […]

How To Get Extra Nutrients into My Child’s Breakfast

People keep asking me about doing blogs on how to get extra nutrients into my child’s breakfast . It’s such a great point as it’s something I work on every day when I’m creating meals for Raffy. It’s not about “sneaking” veggies etc into meals as I’m really not a massive fan of that as […]

How To Get Extra Nutrients Into My Child’s Lunch

This blog is a continuation of my series on making the most of the nutrient content of baby and children’s meals. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about How To Get Extra Nutrients Into My Child’s Breakfast and I’m so pleased that so many of you have been finding it helpful. I think it’s really important […]