Interesting facts about zebras

Zebras are mysterious animals, one kind of which raises a lot of questions. For example, many people wonder if this is a white creature with a black stripe or Vice versa. However, not only the appearance of the animal is curious. These are intelligent creatures that are well tamed and trained. They look like horses.


Zebras appeared on our planet more than 4.5 million years ago. The creatures had something in common with the horses and donkeys of their ancestor. However, later there was a division into several different types. At the same time, zebras have good compatibility with other varieties. For this reason, they can be crossed with both donkeys and horses. And the result is a viable offspring.

When crossing horses and zebras, zebroids are obtained. These are hardy animals that are not afraid of the tsetse fly bite. For this reason, the animal is in demand in African countries.

In Ancient Rome, zebras were used for circus performances. This is mentioned in numerous historical documents.
Interesting facts about zebras are that today there are only 3 species of zebras left in nature. They have a visual similarity. At the same time, from a genetic point of view, these are completely different animals. One of the types lives mainly in mountainous areas. It can be found even at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level.
The quagga was once considered a species. However, the animal finally disappeared in the last century. Scientists are trying to revive the creature. However, so far they have not been successful.

Features Of Zebras

In natural conditions, the Zebra can only be found in Africa. Animals are collected in small groups that consist of one male, several females and their offspring. When resting, drinking, or eating, look for at least two individuals who carefully monitor their surroundings. When predators approach, they signal other members of the herd.

Zebra has excellent eyesight. Animals are able not only to see a predator at a considerable distance, but also to recognize a relative by the characteristic stripes on the body. Their hearing is also excellent.

Most often, a Zebra gives birth to only one cub at a time. The duration of pregnancy is 12 months. Within a few tens of minutes from the moment of birth, the cub can run, and after half an hour it willingly drinks milk, which has an original pink hue.

In this case, the offspring are born away from the main herd. The female leads the cubs to meet the other members only 3-4 days after their birth. First, the baby must remember the smell, voice and color of the mother, so as not to confuse her with other individuals.

Interesting facts about zebras are that the offspring are born with red-brown stripes on the body. Only with age they turn into black and white.


It is young zebras

It is young zebras that are well tamed. Adult wild animals are harder to train.

Scientists have been struggling to breed domestic zebras for decades. However, to date, all attempts remain unsuccessful.
Zebras are herbivores. Their stomachs can digest coarse food of plant origin.
Usually a herd of animals moves from one pasture to another. However, with enough food, they can stay in one place for a long time.

The animal is not bitten by tsetse flies and horseflies. Insects simply do not see the Zebra because of the location of monochrome stripes on the body. Alternating black and white lines ripple in the eyes of the flies.


Some more interesting facts about zebras

As for the most basic question, that is-what color is a Zebra really? According to scientists, this is an animal with black fur and white stripes on it. The main color is due to the presence of pigment. This has been proven in numerous studies. That is, a Zebra is a black animal with a white stripe and nothing else.

Zebras are very shy animals. This applies not only to creatures that live in the wild, but also to those that are kept in zoos. When approaching a person or other creature, they carefully move away from the wall of the enclosure.

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